Amount of games for the race?

I was shocked to see the available games for the race is 100! What’s going on? It sure is an unfair advantage for teams willing to play that many games

I don’t participate, but just now one of my co-leadeers mentioned it after I told one of our member to take a break from side games. That is way too much, it shocked me.

I think the vast majority of people didnt play the whole 100 games. What that number did was allow teams who jumped on it to play all 3 days races in one day (or morning!) and finish the race. Some folks will have played more than 50 games, but as I do the math few probably played the full 100. I think somebody might have hit the 0 too many times when setting it up… 10 turned into 100.

It’s back to 10 games today. Our club chose to qualify, play one game and take 5 th place. We do this often