Ambitious long term Platinum team looking for 2 committed members

TTown Survivors is an ambitious long term team - we’re in our 6th year! Familiar, fun loving, drama free atmosphere - we love to play. Seeking 2 new team members for our Platinum league group.

If you can max a minimum of 5 club quests a week (our average is 8-9), earn between 3,000 - 5,000 points a day AND play DAILY - come check us out. We do not dig, or sail (it’s too costly).

1.5k at join
3000 minimum points per day (most members get 5+k)
required max 5 quests a week (we generally have 8-9 quests weekly)
No idle over 24 hrs

Go to Clubs - Discover tab - search for TTown Survivors, and ask to join - see you soon!!!

I found this team last May, here on the forum, and have been a member ever since! It’s a very active and friendly team with no drama. We all work together to complete all of the perks and very very rarely miss a quest. The rules are very reasonable too. I have never been so happy with a team before this one! Come and check us out!

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