Advertising when you play?

Has anyone experienced advertisements when you sre playing? I haven’t but my teammates have. That would be the ladt straw for me.

I have 2 accounts, my 1st one (7 years old) will get pop up ads, I’ll buy a gift during double gift and it leaves me alone for about 3 weeks.

My 2nd account, 3 years old gets an insane amount of ads, play a game, ad, during game play, an ad will interrupt my game, banner ads. Literally every 2nd sometimes 3rd game an ad pops up.

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That is EXACTLY what is happening with me. My old account is pretty much left alone, ad-wise; however, my 2nd and 3rd (newer accounts) have non-stop ads to the point that I’m ready to dump them both!! Ad after ad after ad after ad!!! If anything, they drive me AWAY from the advertiser!!

I have experienced ads right in the middle of a game and it has cost me to lose the game. This is ridiculous and annoying