ADs not working

For the last 2 weeks i have not been able to collect ads. I get 2, then it says they are not available.
I thought maybe it was just me. But all my club team msmbers are saying the same thing. Won’t even collect up to the wild card! Are we missing something?


I have run into that too, but if I wait a few minutes up to an hour, they are back. Although i too am not seeing the WILD card. Im sure they`ll get this fixed soon


I have never seen a wild card offered while watching ads. It is the same every time for me - 1K per ad until the game stops me, usually after about 7.

I have the same issue, often cannot even watch 5 ads to get the wild card. Used to get about 20 or more ads so it is severely restricting my coin pot each day. Looks like another ruse to get us to spend real money to buy coins.