Ads NOT working -- too few coins

Watching ads is intermittent now, mostly doesn’t work. That’s been one way I get coins. The daily quests are now limited, the club quests have been gone far too long and the chest only gives 1200 coins. So, how are we supposed to play if we hardly get coins anymore? I’m thinking this is a marketing ploy to get people to buy coins instead of being free? It’s too bad because I think this game is awesome but if I barely get coins to play and help my team out, then what’s the point? I’m getting really frustrated with all the so-called glitches.

It can be frustrating in the beginning, but get your 60k a day from fb friends, collect every 20 minutes as you can. The videos have been wonky the last 2 nights but if you keep closing the “no more videos” button and click watch again (sometimes 5-7 times in a row) you will get more videos.

Do this for a few days or a week and you will build up $. Don’t forget to collect free coins on Tripeaks fb page every other day or so too. If you do the math, buying your team a gift box yields more $ than just buying coins outright. Our team regularly exchanges boxes which keeps the coins flowing.

Also (I keep thinking of things as I type), compete in red stars contest, gives a great boost of coins on Sunday nights!