Ads arent working

Ads arent working…for a week now i cant gain any coins from using the ads :triumph:

Same here I keep pressing the ads and it’s says come back in a bit

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Have you both been updating the game? There was a new update released on the 30th, but I must tell you that many players have had error messages telling them to update soon after they did - however, uninstalling & reinstalling the game worked like a charm, so just do that instead of going for the update alone. Earnings & progress will remain as before as long as you do this on the same device.

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I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, exactly the same… I emailed them and they said this :
We’re sorry you don’t have any videos to watch right now.

The amount of ads available may vary from time to time as our ad vendor may not currently have any videos available to view at this time. Please try again at another time to see if any videos are available.

Players Services is unable to change how many ads are available to you.

I can t open videos for free coins.

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Same here.
Ads haven’t been working for a week and whenever i click on help in the game menu, the game reloads.
That’s no help :woman_shrugging: