Add me please need coins to play.

Please add me need more friends my name is Tonie Petredis pic is of hubby and grandson on porch. Thank you :slight_smile:


It won’t let me send you a friend request.

lisa should be able to my grandaughter fixed it for me lol

Sent you a friend request[quote=“Tonie, post:1, topic:1846”]
Tonie Petredis

Request sent. Thanks Tonie! Please send me your request for coins, I play daily.

send you a request
I play and send daily

Could you send me a request also please. I play everyday.

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Sent, I hope it was the right name

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I would love any friend requests as well! Need coins… Karin Drees on FB. In Kansas, not Germany. Thank you so much!


Sent you a friend request

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I sent you a request. My name is LisaAnn


I will send a request, in need of the same myself. Add me Kimberla Davis pic of me and my wife

Request sent, please add me

Anyone can add me on Facebook Timothea Glasure I play EVERY SINGLE DAY :grin:

I will send you a request. Play everyday also!

I could not find you. I am Lanelle Helms on fb. Please add

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I could not find yo. I am Lanelle Helms on Facebook. I play EVERYDAY. Please send request

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cannot find you could you give more details. maybe where you live or where the picture of you and your wife was taken

I sent u a friend request

I have on black and white shirt and braids