Add me on Facebook! Daily sender!

Add me "Lisa Freiberger " from Brazil, Indiana for sharing coins!
Profile pic is same as this one. Ty


Just sent u a request :slight_smile:


I only use FB for game gifts so idk how to look for someone I don’t know. Please send me a request. I’m on at least once a day but usually 2-3. As long as u help me out I will always help u out.
My name is Bailey Madison, my profile pic is a skull w/a black and white Damascus type background.
Have a great day


Add Me PLEASE not sure how everything works.

Hi Linda! My Facebook is Aynat Trok, and I just use my fb to play the game on different devices. I don’t have a picture on my fb. I will try to find you.

So sorry, I meant Lisa!

friend request sent I play everyday