Active Player needs new club

Daily player looking for a serious club with no drama. Average 30k/week, 400 tributes. My last club that I have been with for 6 months deleted me because I didn’t hit 2000 b4 going idle, even though I place in the top 10 each week. I have no time for stuff like that. :rage:

We would be overjoyed with your contributions. Naughty Autie’s. Open group come check us out

God’s Grace would love to have you. I inherited the name of the club, we’re not about all that. We are a laid back club with no minimums. Our 2 rules are 1.) To have fun and 2.) no idle for 4 days, if you’re going to be idle longer than 4 days let the board know so that I don’t boot you. That’s it. We have players that put in 40-50K per week and some that like to do around 10K. We’re in the Gold League so if you’re looking for high rewards right now we might not be for you…but we are getting there. We started out in the Stone League so we’re going places. Our turnover seems to be in the 20-25 slots. We can keep 20 people but we need 5 more daily players.

We have no drama because we don’t require minimums. We just want you to be happy with your play. When you are happy, the rewards will come. We are seeing evidence of that as we progress. You can always try us and leave if you feel that we are not a good fit for you.

If you are still looking… my club Smooth Sailing is looking for competitive daily players. We are platinum trying for diamond and we have rules and expectations that we put up front. 35k weekly and play quests are the basics. Come find us if you are still looking.

Dunedain is a Platinum club that needs a few more members just like you. We are currently ranked 4th with only 22 members. Club Quest, daily play and 20k weekly minimum. We rarely miss Quest and always clear Perks 1-6 early. We’re not crazy, we understand that this is just a game and life comes first. Let me know if you think you’d like to join our club.

Have you found a club? If not we would love to have you join Da winners!

We would love to have you at Club Philly. Our club is funny, compassionate and very helpful. Casual too :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Check out Magical Perks…not too aggressive but complete all 6 perks each week usually. 20k min each week.

Come and join our very friendly team , we do our best to get as many perks as possible ,our rules are do team quests score 20k minimum and play daily ,also give us a heads up if you have problems playing. To us this is a game and life comes first .suehod is the name of our team and we are in the process of making a very good and happy team.

We are desperately looking for new players in “Anti Primates”. Message me for any details if you want or just join! I am super laid back and understanding. There is NEVER drama and everyone is incredibly nice.

HI laurie. We are a high end platinum club without being crazy. We get almost 1M per week but take no issue with people that need to miss some targets for whatever reason. We are Moose Loose and have 2 openings right now

Anti Primates! I love my club and I am looking for 2 or 3 people. Everyone is super nice and there’s no drama allowed!!!

We would love to have you!

Harmony is still looking to fill a few spots!

If you need to club please join mine
Club name GreenCatComics

Hi! We would welcome you with open arms. We’re a fun family that supports each other and has tons of fun! You sound like you could use some fun and family! Please join us at TIKI CENTRAL! You will wonder what took us so long to find you! Take care until we see you!

Would love to be a part of your club

Jump on in! We are Tiki Central, a Platinum club. Welcome aboard!

Let me know if you have any problems finding us. We are so excited to see you!