Active Only club is looking for fun people!

Our club “active only” has been around since the beginning (which explains the semi boring club name) but we are a really dedicated bunch who love the game and would love to have you! Please join our fun family. We have a few important requirements: You need to play every day, contribute to tributes and club quests and communicate on chat. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

We are a gold team that has 14 members, we are looking for a team to merge with us, we do 18 hours idle, no daily point requirement but we do ask for Tributes weekly and doing all team quests and the dig is optional we only do it if there is enough and everyone has resources…if your team is interested in merging with us please let me know. Juls (lazy retreat)

Are you still looking for players?

I would love to !!! My name is lady D and I consider myself a decent player and person. I don’t stop until I max cq

We are still looking! I’m so excited to meet you!

I am looking for a new club!
I would love to join yours!