Aces Instead Of Games?

Does anyone know why they switched from winning games to collecting Aces.
You used to have to win games. Now you have to get Aces. Does anyone know why they switched it. This is for getting up to 5 wilds.
They made it harder , that is my opinion. What do you all think ?

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I like it @Princess48! At least we don’t have to win a game to get some credit towards the race. This is probably good for those who can’t buy more cards.

I’m thinking they have some sort formula that says something like: the top 500 get so many wilds, the next 200 get 4, etc - & it’s probably the same formula they used for the wins race… only now there will be more people in the race. That’s ok though, I think that’s fairer.

& I like variety :slight_smile:


Did you notice that on the great race there was no 4.
I always wanted to know why that was.
There is 1-2-3 -5. No 4
Is there a reason for it ?

I actually thought aces was a lot easier to collect than winning games. You can keep playing like normal and get Aces. Why did they switch who knows not I but still good game and change too


It depends on who is chasing aces, 1st place where I was had almost 400! I managed to win 3, I liked the switch up


Yes I guess ,but I still had it in my mind of winning games. I guess that’s why I didn’t get that many. If it happens again I will play normal and not worry so much about winning… And maybe I will get what I need to get…lol

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I do not think it is harder. I think it is better. You can continue on your journey and collect aces NOT just play the easiest to win level so you can get games

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I think the aces are a lot easier. Please keep the aces


Hi.I really like the switch up to playing for specifics like Aces,Kings,Jack’s etc…It’s a lot of fun.! This is such a versatile,Fun game !Thanks Tripeaks Team ! Lydia L.

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They made it a lot easyer. Play as many games as before but no need to win, only to collect aces.


I actually had a easier time winning

What ever you get one wild no matter what way you play. I won 5 wilds on the winning games one. And on Aces I won 1 lol. So I kept thinking I had to win so that messed me up I think.
Will give it a try one more time. If it doesn’t work for me I will just take the one and be done…
We have a option of playing or not playing…lol


so now you have changed it to HEARTS – this is not fun anymore – I just log in to this game to get my one wild card and don’t even try to get more.

Well I said winning games was better at easier level. And everyone disagreed with me saying they liked the Aces. My opinion I like winning games. There is no way I can get doing just the one thing like yesterday getting hearts. I don’t like it at all…So I will just take the one wild and be done.
Yesterday someone had over 800 when I last looked. So I give up

Are you now saying you don’t care for the switch. Last week you liked the Aces?
Since they are doing wilds now ,not so much?

I don’t like the switch. I really think I don’t like chasing and chasing and chasing – I like a specific goal and then I reach it and feel good. But chasing a moving target is something I don’t enjoy

Determination or extermination,no?

Exterminate, its a dead end

Yep!I agree as well.