Accumulation of Coins

I don’t understand how players can accumulate 15 to 20 million coins legally. To keep the playing field level, there should be a maximum number of coins that can be accumulated… in case players have discovered an illegal way to obtain coins. There are “cheat” websites that promise unlimited coins. These should not be used for a team to gain an advantage over another. Please condider a coin limit as described above. This limit should not pertain to purchased coins. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION.

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I would have to disagree with a coin limit.
Iv been playing for over 3 years, and set goals for myself like trying to gain so many coins in a week.
Iv just broke my own record,
Iv also wasted threw coins quickly A few million at a time.
I think the game is better once you reach a high amount of coins you don’t have to stress about not having enough to play.
Building coins can be tough…Iv never cared to check into scams an I know tripeaks watches for scammers as Iv seen people’s accounts locked up for suspicious Activities.
I believe a coin limit would make a lot of players unhappy as they have worked hard to build coins.


I buy free plays, so I spend less when playing games. I think that’s why I have millions of coins (and a lot of boosters).

I think if they had a limit of coins, it would discourage/prevent people from spending their money on the game.

You could suggest it, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you :laughing:

Maybe it’s people like me, spending my $ making it an unlevel playing field. Sorry


I would disagree with your thought too. I’ve earned over 23 Million in coin over the past 3-4 years and I’ve never spent 1 penny on this game. It’s taken a really long time to earn this much and it’s all in the way you play the game…strategy! And I can go through a lot of coin if I play a lot in trying to complete quests or help my team complete a perk before the end of play. Our team is a gold league team and usually only ever complete perks 1-5. Utilizing free plays, collecting free coins from daily players, NOT using extra coin to complete every game (unless it’s to earn the extra tributes) and playing those levels that payout larger rewards, and using boosters all help in earning those coins…


I have over 15 million and have never found a way to collect illegally! I have been playing for over 6 years and at one time had 19.5 million then got reckless and went down to 2 million. I have just played smart and I set timers so I collect every 20 min and another timer to collect from teammates every 4 hrs. Makes a big difference.


Just because you cannot understand how we can accumulate coins does not mean there is any cheating going on. I have two accounts that are WAY, WAY over your arbitrary 15 million coin limit that I have built up over the past two years by following the advice below. (You’re welcome.)

*Find a high paying level and play it over and over until they figure out it pays well and reprogram it. Then find another. Pay attention to the streak amounts because when they reprogram them, they make the per card payouts the same whether you have a one card streak or 10 card streak.
*Buy multiple large gift boxes on Double Gift Day. You will receive 14k in thank you coins from every club member for a total of 336k (if the club is full of active players) for each box you purchase. Doing this in between DGDs pays 7k per large box so you can do the math. It adds up.
*Don’t buy more cards - ever. It’s 3k to play a level and most levels it’s 6k for more cards … that’s TWICE the cost of just playing a hand again or another hand.
*Open the app and collect your free coins every 20 minutes or as often as humanly possible.
*Collect your free coins and other goodies from Facebook.
*Collect/ask for coins from the friend center every 4 hours (unless you’re one of the unfortunate people who are still being cheated out of this in the name of “Testing”).
*Never, never, never buy medallions for the new treasure shrine (a.k.a. theft shrine). You have a 60% shot at losing money now that they reprogrammed it to rarely hit anything other than 500 coins. Only use your free medallions. (I use to spend 200k to 300k and turn that into 750k to 1.25 mil. with the boosters, free plays, and wilds I could win and many others did the same.)
*Keep the undo to a minimum … the cost grows exponentially each time.
*Before you buy any boosters, consider whether the hand is good enough to earn you the 6k plus entry cost back. If not, do you really need the booster?
*Buy free plays 5 at a time with your gems unless you have mad skills (no offense but if you’re complaining about others having more coins than you, you need to work on your skills) instead of 30 mins. at a time. Free to play = pure profit so winning doesn’t matter.

Hopefully some of the above advice will help you or someone else.



Well that’s now right on any level. Post a complaint!

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Wow, this is so ridiculous. A coin limit ? LOL. Accumulation of coins, for me,took YEARS, watching a zillion ads, facebook gifts, winning games, friends requests , I bust my butt for coins to build up and I have millions…its called hard work and dedication, I never have and never will spend one cent on buying coins. I’m not aware of any cheat websites that give coins but it seems that you are ??

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I play the way Shae plays and it’s work but 20mil a year is doable without spending money. Not sure how anyone having more coins than me hurts my game in any way.

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Thanks everyone, I do all that Shae suggest except the top two, I am not a strong player and usually sit in the middle. We are a gold league club, I am a co leader and aim to lead by example by achieving our club goals every week.
I have been playing for nearly two years and have never had more than 200,000 coins and that is definitely the exception rather than the rule.
I do rarely run out these days however.
I would love to know what I am not doing to get more coins

Thanks, Cathy

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I “know” don’t use more cards and rarely use undo… and still I find myself doing so (not often, but too often)!! Must to break this urge!! Thank you for all of this advice, Shae!


What do you mean look for a high paying level?

The post of @Shae_Simpson is very helpful w lots of great tips.
Her HINTS are used by many players including myself :slight_smile:

There are levels that have a high payout level if you win. For example, if you are down to only 2500 coins, go to Tiki level 4, play for 500 coins, and when you win, it will payout approximately 1200. This works on higher levels too. You just have to find them. Penguin level 211 is a high payout level.

Thx for your reply. Ill check what you mean by Penguin 211.

While you’re playing the level, pay attention to how much the streak pays. When you pill down a card, it shows how many coins its worth. Pull down the next and see if the amount increases and by how much (1 coin, doubles, triples, etc). Then pull down another, etc. If the amount goes up exponentially, it’s a good level to use a streak doubler on and play it over and over. Chances are, you’ll have net earnings in the black (i.e. 3,000 to play, win 4,000 yields 1,000 in the black). There are still some levels that have not been reprogrammed but you have to find them.

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