849 streak messed up by glitch. Help will not fix!

I played 849 days in a row and day it says missed!! Help person will not fix after that long!!! I actually played that day! What happened to loyalty to the customer or customer satisfaction? What can be done??

Did they show you a log of your daily login? If not, have them provide it, that’s the only thing I can think of for you to determine if you can escalate further.

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I got text so cannot see log but after 849 days they should see a good customer and allow the fix or why would any player want to continue to play or run my club!

Ask if they can email you the daily log status they show for you.
I understand what you’re saying, but it’s not uncommon for some leaders/members to not log on for a day or longer, depending on the club rules or personal issues one might encounter. There are sooo many clubs out there with leaders or members idled for days, months and even years and they can’t even delete these clubs.

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After playing every day for that long they should correct it. Log or no log we should not be pushed to day 1 for computer error!!!

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Keep replying to the same ticket to get it escalade. @Colibri is right, they should provide logs


I had 1429 and they reset mine. It seemed to be the difference of pacific time and eastern time. They did fix it that was about a month ago. It just happened again. After 4 years, I am done

Thank you I appreciate the replies.