4 diamond players looking to stay together

Yes that’s correct 4 players looking for a new home.
Any club with rules similar to this we could make a great addition too! (Looking to be a diamond and get all perks)
**play daily
**max all CQ -max chat
**42k weekly minimum/tributes
**prefer 24 hr idle but 18works, some days players work late but always get points/CQ
**chatty a bit,-
**your wouldn’t mind a player that speaks French and English.


Wow. That’s a solid foursome!


@Tasha, we are a diamond club (Fabulous Tiki) that lost several good players a couple weeks ago and dropped down to platinum. We’re trying to rebuild to move back up to diamond. Your group sounds like just what we’re looking for. If you join us, we would easily move back up to diamond at next reset.

We require 42k minimum and get all perks. We have a 12 hr idle, but we have other players who sometimes have longer idles due to work requirements. We just ask that you let us know in chat. We’re a friendly group with some members who are chatty and some more quiet, but we do expect everyone to let us know when they max cq. We have 3 openings right now, but I think we can easily make room for 4. Let me know if you are interested, or just request to join.


@Lin1 thank you for the offer. As we did find a platinum team and are giving them a try this week. I will keep you in mind if this doesn’t work out.
Thanks again and good luck.


If your team doesn’t work out you can join our team. We have about four members who’ve been skating by. We are very friendly and love getting quests. We are Perkallstars

Poi’s Kennel Club is a Diamond Group that lost 6 players this week when a co-leader broke off and took some with her after reset. We are currently at #2 Platinum but will move back up with solid players. We can take you all. We currently have 42k weekly minimums but lowered it to 35k this week as inventive. Great group.

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Thank you for the invite but we have found a great group.
Best wishes to you and you team.