3 experienced players looking for a new club

We are looking for a Diamond or Legend club.
2 of us used to be leader/co leader.
We are UK (2) and USA.
We help complete perks,club quests and get 60kcp+ weekly.
We play daily.
We would prefer a club that doesnt use players with 2nd accounts on and off all day.


Pele’s Piranhas is looking for players. 35k, 300 tributes, complete club quests and communicate. No second accounts and we give everyone a chance. Come check us out!

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I’m no longer with Pele’s Piranhas (or the game) due to phone and family issues. But I was with them for 16 months before my phone konked out, and I more or less had to stop playing this game. They are a solid diamond club with friendly players.

The last time a core of 3 solid players joined at once we became a top ten diamond club immediately. So this could be a mutually beneficial situation for all involved.

I would recommend.

Come join Queen Worrios

I am also looking for a new club. The club I am in has only one more participating member. It’s just not competitive enough for me anymore.

I log in and play daily. I am looking for a fun and competitive club. Any suggestions?

Try Card Smart. We only ask for daily play and 15K weekly. Very friendly. We have fun.

Hi Stephanie. We are looking for a player and are consistently a Gold League club. Check us out. RUFUS My avatar is “rufus” the dog :slight_smile:

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Sent a join request. Thank you.

Thanks! Just approved you…welcome on board :slight_smile:

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Give Bellas Angels a try. We would love some more UK folks

RainyDaze-- Platinum club,we get all perks and work hard as a team quests,gold dig game,all of it…recently lost 2 solid players,really need people who just like to play and win. Friendly but not overbearing. Some chat, some dont but we all have the same goal. Its a nice place,you are welcome to join!

OnceUpon a Tiki. 7k/day. 3k before first idle. And max cq’s. Request to join to try us out.

If you average over 40k weekly Join “hnic” if you only average 10-30k try “Hnic#2”. Both are the best ever. Your point average will increase due to the daily large gift boxes both clubs purchase every day

Welcome to the forum @Mya_Stevens
Do the clubs have any other rules?
Is purchasing a gift daily a rule in your club?

We need some people at Retlon’s Rebels

ATEAM has opening for 2 reliable members at this time. A third spot will be opening soon.
Club requirements
7kcp daily 35k weekly
40 tributes daily 280 weekly
Help with CQ and post
No drama
Great friends bunch with a lot of goofing off but serious play too but not outrageous

Come join our awesome group! Just playing, platinum, , logo has tongue sticking out!

Tiki Amigos is a diamond league looking for 2 maybe 3 new members. We work hard and like to have fun doing it. Come check us out.

Tiki Amigos are looking for 2 possibly 3 new players. We are a diamond league. We work hard but like to have fun doing it. We also have a resting team if life gets too much. Please come check us out. We are looking for players who are dedicated loyal players and we do look for team members to communicate when necessary.

Find us. justMe. We have 2 openings right now. We have a couple players who are iffy. If all 3 came, we could make room.