20k player seeks new team

I recently started playing again after being away a year. I consistently earn 20K coins+ 100s tributes weekly. I’m looking for a team of similar players with at least 20 members.


Perfect you found the right place we are in platinum and you need to hit a minimum of around 15 + and a minimum of 200 tributes a week too. We have one place so faster the respond I’ll keep spot for you. We called sonnyandkelly if want to search us

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I went into the game, requested to join your club was accepted, then bounced. It occurred to me that the fact that my game name is Sam might be causing confusion.
If that’s not it, I’d be interested to know why. No argument from me, you can accept or reject anyone you want. I’m just curious.

We are a Gold Team, Kosmos, we would love to have you. we are in second place now, Will be platinum in next tournament

DIRTY DUCKS is looking for a couple of consistent players - sounds like you! Come join us!

I would like to join Kosmos. My game name is Sam. I will request invite. Thanks.

Or sorry can you request back mate as there will be a space for you mate

Purple Turtle club would love to have you!

If interested join mjvolcano we looking for good players to earn atleast 30k by tournament ends

Korner krew would love to have you. We have fun and don’t embarrass anyone.

We are looking for regular players that like to chat and want to be apart of a great team! Check us out! ALL 4 the TEAM

Playa’s Playa’s is looking for members. Friendly Platinum League club. Min 14K per week.

We have the perfect fit for you! Aussies, we are in platinum and currently restructuring our happy club! Come join us! :slight_smile:

Dogs Life is where you want to be my friend! We have a couple openings! Platinum league club

Sam come join us, at Star Players, it’s Venus

Sam come join us at Star Players, it’s Venus

Hey mont its Tim I lost all my original
Account stuff I’m under timcapecod now I’m going crazy trying to contact somebody and I can’t get back in because it’s full can u please remove me and I’ll keep cking for an opening .hope all’s well mont miss u guys ( I can’t believe I did this )

1st place platinum team!!! Come join us DISTRACTIONS

Power players looking for players above 15k week plz say if gonna be off more than 24hrs come join we r normally in platinum but a few away this week so maybe go down but then we normally win and go back up plz read chat and have fun

SPACEHOG is looking for a player for our no stress team.