I just returned home after burying my mother. I have been kicked out cause I didn’t tell anyone I was leaving. So…
I am a good team player. Who needs a new player?.

Friende would love to welcome you into our club. Easy rules 2k per day, 100 tributes each week. We are very easy going if you can’t make it just let us know

I am so sorry for your loss!
Can you add, what points you do daily, what your expectations are of a club, what do you have to offer?
This way you’ll get more hits.
Welcome back!


Would love to have you!! :slight_smile: club ‘WE DO THIS’ needs some new awesome players!!

Hi sweetie. I just joined your club. I am a serious player. I complete all quests and competitions. My last team was very good. But no one talked so it seemed very cold to me. Then I was just removed with no warning or anything. So screw that. I play thus game for fun and don’t take it too seriously cause it is just a GAME. Looking to be on a fun team. Hoping I fit in for what you’re looking for. Thanks for giving me a chance. :grinning:

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Famiglia! Good team welcome

I’m so sorry for your loss!! Glad you found a new club, and hope you enjoy it.

I am on the hung still. Lol. The team above didn’t have hardly any players that seem to play. I am a good player. I make all cq and club competition. I chat but and play hard. Lots of tributes. But also keep in mind that it’s just a game. Looking for a competing, serious but fun team.

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My name in the game is Megamonster. I am not the best player out there lol. But I am very good and a good team member. I make all cq and qualify and participate in the competitions. Lots of tributes. I do chat and take the club seriously. But I am FUN and know that it’s just a GAME so I don’t take it too seriously and argue with teammates or anything like that. Looking for a team that is fun, but also competes and plays hard. :grin:


We have a spot opening in our club, p4p2.

p4p2 has 3 sister clubs - Play4perks, p4p3, and p4p4. We don’t remove members when they can’t play as much, we ask them to move to one of our clubs that doesn’t ask for as many points. We also recruit from within our club system when we have a spot open that requires more points.

Here is more info on our clubs, including how many points we ask our members to make each week in each club:
Join the Play4perks Menagerie

Let me know if you are interested in joining our family!


@Merrix Play Everyday has some openings! We ask for 25k a week & team quests. Club Competition is optional. There are multiple teams with the same name so look for the one with Martha as the leader. We chat, have fun and have a ‘family’ feel! Hope to see you !

Sorry for your lost. We here for you.

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Thank you for your kindness. :purple_heart:


Yes. I like the way you have it set up! I will wait til the reset and try to join.


I tried. Said I was accepted but then that it was full.

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Look for killing time. It will have Taz as the leader & Ja-ky as a co-leader we a good group who works well with each other. I am sorry for your loss. we have a few members that have lost loved ones themselves over the past few months.

Hi, Aunt Krispies would love to have you. Players are recognized when they achieve the goals. We have some good players, but still haven’t been able to earn the 5th chest. If you would like to come help, we would love to have you.

Club Notes tell you all you need to stay in the club. If you are having problems, just let me know and you’ll stay in the club. We have one member that is having a rough time and hasn’t been active for awhile, but I’m keeping her in the club because she’s a good player when she’s active.

Hi My club is called Full English,we are seeking new active players that like to chat,we also insist on daily players unless you tell us why you cannot play,we are gold league,sometimes platinum,but we have a good team,you would be very welcome :blush:

We have 2 openings in Rainydaze. We are platinum, usually top ten,we have some basic guidleines but its not a big deal for a regular active player, and we encourage communication, we have some great players and great people,we work together very well and you’re welcome to give us a try if you’d like to. We do work hard to finish Perk 6 early and then we finish all the other perks fairly quickly.

Try Witty wanderers awesome team and always chatting