Your contest for ideas on forum to win 20,000

First thank you for asking, now how to improve site🤔
*Whean asking make the link go directly to where we are supposed to type OR have a list with the words like “contest date click here to leave answers”. We are NOT all Techies :upside_down_face:

I have gotten good ideas off of this but is it hard to navigate. Have a Techie work with some non Techies so we can all understanding this Forum better.

Love this form as players are curtious and helpful with ideas. You have done a good job building the community.:hugs:


I love this game. Making it so we can chose when to use winnings from quests is amazing. I want to be able to chose when to use free plays. That would make it so awesome!!


We need more free ads or let us have more than 60000 Facebook coins


Between discbot and the topic how to use this forum I have managed to learn to navigate the forum. I like being able to choose what I get email notifications for. I think you for awhile should have a topic on how to use the forum stuck on top of the homepage.
I think all 3 of your sites should have links to the other sites on top of the homepage.
I think you should set different colors for each section.
I have watched y’all watch the posts on glitches that benefited players and am sad to see how quickly they went away.
So even though you say this isn’t a place to report bugs I think a section to report problems would be good.
I think as you should copy what the upgrade says in our apps page here so folks that don’t check apps and upgrades will see it.
I don’t know if you have moderators just for running the forum or someone to answer tripeaks issues. It needs to be emphasized either way.


My 1st time looking at forum. It looks like, I will have to learn how to navigate. But I am willing and eager to learn.


The forum is players helping players, by the way you have great ideas! Creating a section for missing coins and rewards won’t help as we always direct players to the help section on the game. And we are not part of the support team that can replace coins and rewards. There are a select few who get frustrated, the same ones that claim they never get responded to when going through the help, the forum won’t correct that, that will always be a mystery to me, like the mystery of where did I put my keys!!! I always lose my keys rofl


Great suggestions. I was never able to get the discobot to work. Maybe if I had, it would look different??

I’d like to also add that we do not remove posts unless it violates the community guidelines. Talking about glitches that benefit players does not fall in that category. :slight_smile: I did see where the user removed their own post though, after being warned by another user.

We have been doing some organization on the forum, and simply moving topics into a more appropriate category, so if there was a post about game tips in the “About this site” category, you can now find it in the “Playing Solitaire Tripeaks” category.

We’re hoping to make this forum more organized, and user friendly.

As far as email, tap on your profile pic, then the settings cog, in the resulting screen, change the right side drop down box from Account to Email. You’ll see your email options there.

I agree that Solitaire Tripeaks game, FB page & this forum should have easy links to one another, boy that would sure help!

Thank you for your input! :smiley:


Point award, point accumulation as well as better odds at successfully completing each stage would be nice


Love the game but it would be nice if they brought back the Club Quest. Its been saying that they are working on it but it has been months now and nothing. Also if they fixed the issue with some levels being impossible to win. Its kinda hard to win if you have no cards in your pile that help clear the board. Like earlier i started a level and none of my cards helped me clear the board so i wasted 3,000 coins to play a level that i could not clear even one card off the board


1st time in forum I do like the different categories for recruiting new players, I wasn’t sure how to get to post comments since there is nothing that says comments


I was not able to invite my Facebook friends to win coins, did anyone do it?

I would like to see club quests fixed.our team really misses them. I have a suggestion how about adding a shuffle card to mix up all the cards on the board before you buy more cards.


@celeste it seems that FB is no longer allowing friend requests unless they are already a player of Solitaire.

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Whould like to be able to accept frommore than 20 friends per day.