Wishing quests didn't have to be done all at once!

I do my quests every day but I’m thinking of quitting because you have to spend 2 hours in a row completing them! If I had the whole day to do my quests without losing any of them it would be great! Once you start playing then you have to sit glued to the game until they are done or they expire. It’s just too much time all at once to dedicate to a game. :pensive:

I take brakes in between, don’t collect the reward till your break is over or till your ready to play again. I don’t do my all at once but always finish them threw out the day.


But you only get 1 hr to complete the quest and then it expires so I don’t understand how you can do them all that way. The only way I can think of is to be sure to get on every hour

What Tasha is saying is When you complete the quest, Don’t collect the reward. Once you collect it a new quest starts. But if you don’t collect the reward, the completed quest just sits there waiting for the reward to be collected before a new quest starts.

Similarly if a quest expires, Dont dismiss it. Just let it sit there and a new quest won’t start until you dismiss the expired quest.

This way you can control when you play your quests.


Omg I honestly didn’t know that if you don’t collect the reward right away then the next quest would just be waiting for you. If you don’t collect the reward right when you earn it is it still available to collect at any time?! This could solve so many problems for me.


Thanks Tasha I didn’t realize you could do it that way. I’m so excited to know that I don’t have to do them all at once!


A new quest won’t start until you collect the reward On the previous quest. Just don’t collect until you have time to play again! If you don’t open the quest tab at the start of the day, no quests will begin until you do. You can collect coins all day and not play. Your 1st quest won’t start until you access the quests. Stop anytime after completing a quest by not collecting the reward until you want to play again.


Don’t hit collect til.you’re ready to do the next quest and it will freeze the process for you.

Thank you this is very helpful :blush:

you are absolutely correct… its assumed you have all day,… one quest after another with only 1 hr to complete

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