Winning Tributes

How can I know when my tributes I am collecting maxes out. I get tired of wasting my 3 hour red star bonus because I seem to be maxed.

@Weezy, are you asking how to tell how many tribute hands you have left in a set of tribute hands?

Red stars and tributes are two different things. Red stars are for leaderboard. There is not a max for those. You just keep moving up leaderboards as you get red stars. However once you get red stars on a level you cannot get more on that level until leaderboard event is over. You will also get red stars on a tribute game if you win the level.

Tributes feed Volcano. Again there is no max in tributes for a week. However there is a max for tributes for a single game. You can get 0, 1, or max if 5 per game. The more tributes you get on a tribute game the more club points you get for winning the game