Winning less and no more ads to get coins

I have notice in playing tri peeks you are no winning as much and after you collect the. Ads wild there are only 3 more ads you can view I have lost over 200,000 coins just trying to win a hand Does any one else notice this issue
So question why did tri peeks do this
I have played for almost 2 years it used to be a lot of fun 5 star now it turned into -2
Bummer over tri peeks

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I think they are trying to make it fair - even - for everyone. Because some people got a lot of ads, and some people only got a few. I used to get 30 ads on one device, but only 8 on the other two. I wouldn’t say anything, but if I only played on the device that only got 8, & heard about somebody getting 30 ads, I might wonder why them and not me?

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It is getting harder to win. I have noticed that the ads are different for everyone.
I have no choice. I get 1K per ad and about 5 ads a day. If I use my tablet, I get a choice and can win 5k in coins, but…I never pick that one and usually end up with 300 or 400 coins. Some of my team get unlimited ads and if they sign out right before the ad ends they get 5k each time.
I wish that the game was the same for everyone.
I have become so frustrated that I have started the game again and I will not go past Tiki Island.

What I have noticed is 1 week I do really well and then the next its a challenge. Then back to doing well. Kinda like other game sites I play. I dont have an issue with it at all