Winning a game and losing money doing it.

One of my clubmates pointed this out and it just happened to me… if I pay (insert entrance $ amount) and I win the game, shouldn’t I win OVER the entrance fee? When you play and lose money after winning the game the game isn’t worth playing. The recent changes make winning without booster cards impossible and the club points given out have went down. The game just isn’t fun anymore and it makes me sad.

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Is zo gewoon waardeloos geworden

The tiki gods are angry and greedy

Winning the most possible coins depends on all 3… the streak, the time, completion
The better the streaks the more points
The more time you have left=more points
So even if you win the game if you did poorly you receive less.
My thought but I could be wrong.
Because have you ever noticed when you don’t win you earn more then the entry cost…I have and there are a lot of levels Iv noticed this on works great when you have Goldie.