Wildcard race result

Any results from the wild card race anywhere?

i hate the wild card race game! The ones that rank in the top 50 teams are the ones benefiting, not the ones in the 250 and up. I say toss this one and come up with something that’s fair for all. JS…


They normally announce the winners later in the afternoon or tomorrow.

I usually don’t play the wild card game, so just take this a “day off”. Lol. I’m sure a lot of people enjoy the wild card race, so I go with the flow. Have a great day!!

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I dont like the wildcard race, it doesn’t seem fair and it seems unrealistic that some people win that many games


Appreciate that and like I said, I just don’t worry about it. It’s a game and we all have to remember that. Some people like it and many don’t. I’m sure if the game people realize many don’t like it they will drop it. Some people had the Kahuna or the Luau or whatever it was. I didn’t, but it didn’t make me upset. I just go with the flow. Have a great day!


Winning over 700 games in 24 hours is 1 game every 2 minutes (playing the full 24 hours). How is this even possible? Sounds like multiple players on 1 account or some other way to cheat, but it is ridiculous as it is.

HATE IT. Work all day for one wild card. Silly. I ignore it.