Wild with Torch Bonus Card aka "Wild Torch Card"

Does anybody know the significance to the Wild Card with Torch aka “Wild Torch Card” (to me at least) on it like on Tide Pool Lagoon 67 (see attached pic)? It’s one of the new(ish) Bonus Cards* & I can’t help but think I’m missing out on something good.

I don’t know if this happens to anyone else or is significant at all, but after the “Torch Wild Card” has been used (as a wild card), the discard pile flickers with a torch on the last card everytime I flip over a new card. Confusing? Sorry, I mentioned anything then.

*The Bonus Cards showed up a couple of months ago.


I’ve had this happen twice. I think its a glitch in the game.


NO, NO, NO! I want there to be a SECRET hidden in the card that makes us all rich in coins & wealthy in points!


Same here, Iv seen that and noticed nothing but the card is played as a wild.

I’ve wondered the same thing but it seems to be just a regular ole wild card.

I thought it might give a defroster for later but I have a ton so I never kept track. Sounds to me that it was a glitch so that’s disappointing.

Hi folks! This is a bug. Thank you for bringing it to our attention!


Well at least now I know why I only ever got one, lol. I was beginning to think I was really missing out on some new great thing!

Also wondering and it seems to.just play as a wild card.

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