Wild cards and tiki not working

I have supposedly won wild cards on the tiki guys in games, and I am no longer getting them when I win. What happened?


This is a major glitch that has been going on for quite a while. You can submit a ticket while on the game,click your profile picture and than help.
From what I understand this cannot be fixed live, it has to be another update, hoping soon this will happen.
In the meantime. Avoid buying extra cards to win the wild in the totem, the relay game is also a mess so avoid, and do your best with team quests. I know myself Alot of my tributes and club points are not being credited seems to be on the games starting on skies and farther.
You may also need to be persistent. Support works in tiers, so you’ll get a generic reply, always reply with that same ticket and send screenshots if you have any in the replies so they know what island you were on and such. Normally 4-6 replies and you’ll finally get your items… fingers crossed!


My game had to be updated yesterday… still have same issues…

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I kept thinking something was going on and finally took time to really watch after I won a game with a wild card and figured it out. I filed a complaint yesterday. Today it is still happening and I took screenshots to prove. Just thought about looking at forum today. So not just me. They need to fix as soon as possible and give me a slew of wild cards to replace all I did not get.

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Come on tripeaks. We want out totem winnings!!!

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There is an update for apple users, a few on my team got it. I’m still waiting for it


Never been so happy to see a download and have my hopes confirmed when I logged into the game today.

I have an Android phone and the totem games have been fixed for me!


I am Apple I got the update a few days ago …so happy they work again… still waiting on remboursement for all the lost coins and wilds.


So I got 10 wild cards for the 100+ I lost with the totem bonus?? How in the world do they figure that makes it right?

Yes that was disappointing. It sounds like some received less. Everyone should have receive 100. It doesn’t cost them money and helps restore good faith.

Are you supposed to get a wild card every time you get the tiki bonus in skies?

If the wild card is in the totem, if you win that game, you also get a wild card, if it shows a coin in the totem, the win is an additional 995-1000 coins to your win

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Thanks! I’ve never noticed that before I’ll start looking now

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This is happening to me, also. They owe me a few wild cards, the game freezes and poof, I don’t get the wild card for watching the annoying ad! I WANT MY WILD CARDS.

Send a help ticket threw your game after this happens.