Wild and volcano cards

I really, really wish we had the undo option for the wild and volcano cards. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally hit one of these and wasted them. Also, if you continue to force people to use the daily bonus as soon as the game opens, you might as well remove that option all together. I’ve heard hundreds of complaints about this and apparently it doesn’t matter what your players want because it continues to be the same. I never get to use the 30 minutes free play and I always seem to get the Golden Tiki when my team has already completed perk 6 so it’s worthless to me. We should have the option of using it at our convenience. I know I’m wasting my time by even mentioning this but maybe at some point our feedback will matter


Hi @Kim_Rounds, the undo button for volcanos and wilds, would be so useful! Also before you start a game, if you accidentally hit a booster, it would be so helpful to tap it again and unselect it. I also wholeheartedly agree about using our daily bonus at our convenience.

I’ve sent these suggestions to TriPeaks, and you should let your voice be heard on everything you mentioned too!

Even though TriPeaks occasionally asks for feedback here, the forum is set up so players can help other players by answering questions, and I don’t think they take the time to read every post.

To write to TriPeaks, in the game, tap on your profile pic (top left corner), then Help, then Contact us at the bottom of the screen. Fill out the form.


Using the daily bonus at your convenience USED to be available, but then they changed it.

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@Anne_Baker, welcome to the forum!

The daily bonus, meaning, you are on Day XX, and have 30 minutes of free plays - did they let you put off starting your 30 min time until you were ready? (Crossing fingers that we are talking about the same thing, and you were a tester!)


Yes, but you had to use it that day.

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I never new that, that was even a option at one time. I have been playing awhile and never seen it.

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It don’t help to contact them they do absolutely nothing. I have been complaining for months about the ads and how they are not working or freezing my whole phone up. They have not contacted me back ever about this. We used to at least get some sort of message telling us they actually read it but now there’s absolutely nothing. I’m thinking it’s a huge waste of time to contact them because they just don’t care.

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Yes that’s what I’m talking about. I’ve never had the option of saving it to use later. It immediately starts counting down and I’m not in a position to play it yet. On those days I don’t get a daily bonus because I can’t use it.

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Yes!! That would be amazing! I would also like to chose games to use free plays on.


I wish the “undo button” wasn’t as close as it is to the “double deck”. The amount of times I’ve accidentally undone the move and spent way too many coins on something I never wanted to undo :confused: is nearing the ridiculous. Apparently I’m not the only person there were according to some other players I’ve chatted to.
I guess asking for an “undo” to “undo” the “undo” would-be pushing it huh?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses: