Why no bonus points for top three in club for the week?

I tried to be in the top 3 in my club for the week and I thought there were reward coins for the accomplishment. Why no reward?

Kate, they don’t give any reward other than a ‘crown’ on your profile picture.

Once you get your crown, there’s no motivation to excel. And weren’t we promised rewards when they first instituted club champions?

If my memory is correct, I think they said there would be opportunities for those players with the crowns would be able to participate in challenges to win rewards. I have not ever seen them offer anything except the crowbs. Why am I not surprised?

Yes they did mention exclusive contests for club champs, that has not happened


I’d be happy with a bonus reward of coins.

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They sure did say that when they announced club champs. We were supposed to be competing for the top 3 for extra prizes. But no just a crown smh

I’m 45 time champ and what a waist of time and coin, we won’t ever get compensated for our hard work