Why don't members complete relays

Why is it when somebody wants to invite you to the relay competition and you accept invite you play then it’s their turn and then they don’t want to play anymore you invite someone else they refuse SMH I don’t understand.


I totally agree with you I don’t understand it Yes there are times I do get busy but I come out every day sometimes for short periods but other times longer yet people play for a bit then disappear :face_with_monocle:Same with the game where you dig I qualify but some fall short :thinking: Well stay safe and have fun :slightly_smiling_face:

Once someone does that to me, causing me to lose coins with no possibility of reward, I never accept their request again. Simple.

Relays don’t earn club coins. It’s just a side thing. No incentive.

Correct no club points are awarded BUT you earn coins, yellow stars for chests and all of the other boosters offered in the game except points doubler.
So in the end my feeling is that it dose help me because I can gain items to use during club points play also.

Easy it doesn’t help win perks!

Well I think that its too confusing. There are no written rules or procedures. I learn new things by accident

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