Why does it take different amounts to complete perks?

I have noticed that it seems to take different amounts for different clubs to earn/complete perks. For example I just checked and there is a club with 991,203 who has completed the six regular perks as well as the 7th “extra” perk. There’s another club that has 1,131,455 who has only completed 6 perks. I can kinda see how that could happen, if they had completed the regular 6 and then earned a lot of points before the 7th special perk came out. But I don’t understand why there isn’t a number that everyone (who does the perks without gaining points when no perk is available) gets to to finish.

I hope this makes sense. My team likes to know about how many points we need to finish but it’s hard to say when nobody seems to need the same amount.

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For my team, the perks completion is exactly as scheduled on the list:

And I mean exactly. Somewhere in this forum someone speculated that the differences are due to people leaving and joining the clubs intraweek. Based on my team always hitting the perks on the marks, I would have to second that theory.


I have that list. But last week my club finished before we got to the number we thought we needed. And as I said, I found a club who wasn’t near the amount we thought we needed this week, but they had already completed all 7 perks.

As far as I can recall we’ve only had one person join this week, and the person who left was booted immediately after the last tournament started and before the current one began so we shouldn’t have lost any because of people leaving.

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We just completed the extra perk. We needed 1,107,000. It should have been more I think. We did have one person leave today. I think he had around 16,000-17,000.

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