Whispers ad in game

Has anyone else seen the ad for Whispers while trying to get coins? I know the game will say they aren’t responsible for the ads but this one is extremely inappropriate! A naked man behind a desk interviews a woman for a job by making her strip while he is clearly masturbating.

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I personally have not, but if I were you I would let TriPeaks support know of this.


Nevidela som ešte tu reklamu

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No…I haven’t but clearly it’s been hacked into TriPeaks somehow. You can’t even say “f’g” without getting scolded and told not to use foul language to them! (Their exact words! Really? Last I checked the initials f g didn’t constitute a WORD!!) Personally I wouldn’t care since we have to sign our life away saying we are over 18 but I know that doesn’t fit w/their profile.

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No. I have not seen it. I would report it and see what happens.