Where’s the matching game?

The last few weeks they have had the matching game where you would win chests as you completed matching levels. Is that a regular thing or just sporadic? It was a great way for me to build up my coins each week.


I agree. I’ve been wondering why it’s not been around much at all. I liked it and looked forward to adding to my coins. Otherwise, I run out quickly. Does anybody know what’s up with it?


I would like to know, also. I loved it.

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I loved having it twice a week, on the two days when there was no other event. Last week it was only offered once. The other day it was replaced by the gold star bonus chest. I was expecting it today

I don’t know what happened to this reply. I thought I posted it Wednesday, but it apparently just showed up now! Anyway, since we didn’t get it Wednesday, I’m really hoping for tomorrow since there is no event on the schedule.

That match game has grown on me too… it’s a great way to build up everything… I missed not having it this week hopefully it’s tomm.

Please bring the matching game back to twice a week.Just not interested in the gold star. Really helps to have the matching game twice a week. Gives me what I need to stay competitive.

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It was every Tuesday for a while but I haven’t seen it in the last two weeks. I would think - since their interests are for people to BUY STUFF - they’d like it because you really have to buy hearts a couple times, which of course puts $ in their pockets. I hope they don’t see it as benefiting us and thus remove it. I will swear that the last time it showed up, which was Tuesday, Jan 7, 2020, the double diamond chest seemed to have fewer items in it, but as I hadn’t kept my earlier sheets, I couldn’t swear to it, although that would seem to be in keeping with the general mercenary bent of the corporation lately. The TP game is fun, but I am increasingly irked by their apparent and growing philosophy of milking players rather than supporting them, or at least balancing the two. I continue to play however (not including scavenger hunts and the rescue mission) bc the game is fun and I’m part of a really excellent, team-oriented club.


I also noticed no treasure match for the last 2weeks.
And now with no daily lineup in your inbox it’s hard to say when it will be.
Before you knew it would at least fall on one of the days there was no event.
Hoping to see it again soon.


I noticed this too. We use to get it once a week. Now it seems like every 2 - 3 weeks. Not cool. I have played the game less and less because of this. What was wrong with having a weekly schedule so we knew what to look forward too?

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Welcome to the forum Jeni :blush:
Did you send a feedback ticket on the daily line up in our inbox, I did but I think I will send another. The more of us that ask for it back might just help to get it back.
And yes treasure match has been less in the last month which makes me sad, I love that game for banking boosters and extra coins.

I love treasure match but they don’t seem to be having it much anymore

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I have left feedback begging them to bring back the treasure hunt. I also asked, as humbly as I could, that they bring back the weekly calendar. As another poster mentioned, the calendar helped me plan my playing for the week and alerted me to days when the treasure hunt or the red star chest thingee (of which i am not a fan) would come up, because they always fall on days without a challenge.
I hate to think that this is another way they are trying to “encourage” people to spend money the game and keep people from being able to compete and do well unless they are willing to spend to do so. That would be a shame. I am playing less these days and am no longer recommending the game to friends. I hope things will improve soon and we’ll have the treasure hunt pop back up. After all, I finally got my friends center back to “normal” (5 friends can give me coins every four hours, rather than the 3 to which I was restricted in the name of “testing the friends center.”


I completely agree! I’m going to be forced to quit all together in a few weeks if something doesn’t change :cry: