Where is the New Daily Log In Bonus Reward

A month ago with the update it stated that we ALL would receive the new Daily Log in Bonus that would increase to better and better rewards each day. - 1 month later I am still waiting as is most of my team to get this. No where in the update did it say testing, it stated in the new update we would get it.

I personally would like to be rewarded for all the great daily bonuses that other members received, 30 minutes of free play, coins, boosters, wild cards etc. I still receive 1 free play a day - it really is not fair.

Can someone address why everyone does it have it?


Following. This is the first I’ve heard of this also.

When you are on the game, click on your profile picture, you will see the help option. Click that and look for the “still need help?” There you can submit a ticket for missing boosters. It’s the daily log in bonus, day 1 is 200p coins, dsy 2 I believe was a shark hook? And memory fails me for day 3 and 4, day 5 free play

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I do have the daily log in bonus that leads up to the free play and stays there if you log in every day but what Darlene is talking about is completely different. I hadn’t seen it till yesterday. My updates are automatic but I didn’t get it last time. I am excited just knowing it is out there!!!

I would try uninstalling and reinstalling the Solitaire Tripeaks apps. I think it is possible to not have the last tweak of the last version available when you are on automatic updates. Couldn’t hurt anyway. :slight_smile:

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I really does not get better and better each day. Some days I would like the free play. One day we got a wood chest and on day 40 we will get a gold chest but the others days might be a wave breaker or a medallion. It implies they get better each day, but not really. It’s in beta testing I assume.

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My husbands day 40 chest today had 14,000 coins and 3 booster. I’m still not gettin but only 1 free play daily? I’m afraid to uninstall my app. Will I lose my team?

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You won’t lose anything but that won’t give you the same daily log in Bonus that he gets. Nothing you do will get it for yourself, GSN would have to distribute it to you and everyone else. Even though the last update indicated it was being released to everyone, it was not. Only some people received it and apparently the response from GSN that my teammate received was that it was being tested and not everyone has it so there is nothing you can do to get or for yourself.