Where is the Games Played Counter?

Since I began playing this month, I have learned a lot from this forum and my club “Lazy Bunch”. I have figured out how to determine the Red Stars earned and that a green check mark :white_check_mark: appears when I have met my quest requirement. The killer for me is: WHERE IS THE COUNTER FOR THE NUMBER OF GAMES PLAYED?

When I get a quest to play 95 games, I feel immediate dread because I can’t keep track of the games played. Someone please help with this question so I can continue to enjoy this addictive, competitive game!

PS - any additional tips or how to use the # tag too would be helpful. Thanks all!

If you mean when you have a club quest, when you click on quests you have to look closely at that quest, your number will flash first, then the club number shows. Believe me it goes quickly so watch closely! Hopefully this helps. Or evenly makes sense!! Lol

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