Where is Poi on new island?

Poi is missing on the new island. I should have seen him three times…

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Report it s game glitch, through the game by clicking on your profile picture, than help, than find the still need help option and follow the steps from there

Es igual por q yo ya he escrito varios correos por q me desaparecen cajas que co Orán mi equipo y ni siquiera contestan yo creo q pronto dejaré e jugar

Every now messages or tickets get accidentally missed, do send in another ticket for your list items

And I can’t get any further than level 15 on new isle???

Yes, that’s where the new levels end. I’m sure there’s going to be new ones soon enough.

Ty for the info! I really appreciate it!

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Did you ever put in a help ticket for this, and if so, did you get an answer back?
I just made it to Tiki Paradise and was upset to see that Poi is missing! I came on here to try to find out why he’s missing. Please reply and let me know if they replied to you and let you know why Poi is missing. Thanks!