When will you open new lvls

I wasnt able to get a msg to support because it kept erroring out (connection issue which I dont have) so thought I would try my question here…

Ok, the new star bonus chests for gold stars… when will u release new lvls?

It isnt fair that I never get double poi rewards but now I dont get the new star chest rewards because I dont have new lvls to play. Does that sound like fun? Does that sound like a way to create customer loyalty? Customer satisfaction? I’m sure that new lvls r already created because u guys opened the island and I could see all the additional lvls available but then u closed the island and began to slowly open new lvls once a month. My friend was way ahead of me and also had to wait for new lvls but there was no clear reason why I had to wait for the lvls that she already played… can u explain that?

I look forward to hearing back from u about new lvls AND why u only opened 10 at a time when those lvls were already created…

It truly is not fair that we cant partake in yet another reward…

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I agree with you. I have not been able to get poi since the level before Coral Coastline. And now I miss the chests also… it’s terrible

I actually tried sending a ticket in, since today getting the gold star chest my game has been locking up, ads I have had to force close because they won’t play, and after 2 attempts to send a ticket in, I also kept timing out. Here is their email solitairetripeakssupport@gsn.com
**update ** even though it stated site cannot be reached I recieved an email for both attempts to send in the tickets. So we will see how it goes on their end