When someone requests to join our Invite Only

When someone asks to join our Invite Only club, it goes to Club Inbox. Normally there is a More Info button so that I can vet them in their current club. However, sometimes it does not appear, so we eventually delete the request. Anyone else ever see this?

If the “More Info” button is not there, it means they are not currently in any club


I also wondered about this, thanks for the info.

I do have another question - I am a co-leader of my club and for the most part the only one who goes recruiting looking for new players. I have a criterion I use to find new players.
I noticed this week that a few came into the inbox and it was noted they were invited by me, but I am pretty sure I did not. As one of the criteria is the score they have when I go looking and this week there were a few on a very low score that I know I wouldn’t have invited.
When I recruit new players I want to increase my odds of getting players who are likely to accept my invite.
I know this is a weird question, but is it possible that the system is saying that players were invited by me when they weren’t?

They could have been recommended by you at one point since the players invited can keep those in their inbox for as long as they want and as many invites from your club was sent to them, even if a member who recommended them leaves/get removed. If the invitees took a long break then decided to come back and join a club they could go to their inbox first instead of having Solitaire do a random pick [would be lower league] if they are not playing.