When joining a club..

When you join a club please be sure to read motto, club notes and chat for club requirements. Not only read but abide by them. This way the leader can enjoy the game instead of babysitting the clubhouse for folks that either refuse to read or abide by the requirements, or simply can’t meet those requirements. I know some clubs don’t enforce their requirements but I can assure you if the club is doing fairly well they DO enforce them.


Yes, thank you!!! :grin::grin::grin::grin:

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Yes thank you! We don’t have A lot of requirements but more than half don’t read or comply

Thanks for putting that out there

Th for this
I shared, because I’m constantly babysitting the last 7 outta 25, usually
I like to give a chance b4 booting out
But when ignored time n again, especially a newbie, i feel kinda disrespected, today I told my team that 5000/100 is not bad considering other groups ask for 20,000/350 …thanks for listening
I feel better now, lol
Gate keeper
: @ )

Were looking for people that want to play as a team and get more trunks we love to chat and are understanding if something happens for a day or 2 any longer not playing u need to let us know
We would live new players