When I go to log in I get an error message

When i try logging in thru FB, which i Do every day, it says there is an error. I’ve restarted the app, FB, and my phone. Idk what else to try. Anyone have this happen before?

I got the same error, but I just back out on my Android and my game loads…I think it’s FB since those logged on using FB does not show their profile pics.

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Thank you for your quick reaponse! You did What to fix it?

I logged into game via FB ad that popped up in the game and immediately I lost all pictures (including mine) of team players. And then I started getting the error post that stated this app is yet set up… or something to that wording. I believe that’s a hack of some sort. It seems to have knocked me out of my account.

I hit my back button on my phone…see my pic, though I am already in the game now.

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I have had to turn my phone off and back on and this sometimes can help.

Since they did that,and rectified it,I’ve had to agree with terms before I could play,and thee game is awful.
We are platinum, was not top 10,Had Tribute club Quest it wanted us to get 120 tributes and 25 players .We only had 24 players.Ive also only won a hand full of games.
Tried complaining,you have to use chat to a robot now,it wouldn’t work.

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