When are you going to listen to your users or fix this game?

This game used to be great, but has turned into a hulking, steaming turd.
First, the powers that be have repeatedly ignored the requests of the users and continued to display unparralelled greed in milking their users for every possible penny they can get.

The game has gotten too large to comp.etely load into many devices. It now has to swap memory during play which makes the game appear to freeze for seconds at a time while this memory swap occurs. And thus users end up getting ahead of the game and going past cards and having to use undo not because they made a mistake, but because the game caused them to make a mistake. Users please speak up if your gameplay experiences freezing for seconds at a time in addition to just locking up and closing or causing the device to lose its wifi connection.

The powers that be have never bothered to listen to the players. 2 years ago many left the game after the start of and extreme use of the scavenger hunt. NOBODY likes the scavenger hunt, yet it is still prevelent. Why? That’s easy to answer, GREED. Unless someone from the powers that be can give another reason (they wont and cant). They backed of the scavenger hunt a little after many teams simply quit en masse and left the game. But a couple months later it was back in full force again, although they stopped using the term scavenger hunt. It became find the emerald, etc.

Over two years ago they created the club champions. It was stated at the launch of that feature that club champions in platinum and higher leagues would get a bonus chest every so often. Over 2 years later, and not a single bonus chest has been awarded. Not only are the powers that be greedy, they are also liars.

It has also become extremely apparent that the people running the game have absolutely no clue on how the users actually play the game. Case in point the new Roko Power Ups. The trial version had much better power up cards, some not terribly useful, but none that actually were harmful like in the current running version. What brain dead imbecile came up with the clear card power up? Great you remove a card from the board and place it on top of the used deck. At best we lose our start card from the deck for this wonderful power up. But if we have the gold tiki…need I say more. Why would anyone with half a brain think this would be useful?
On to the rare bonus card power up. They will place a 50 coin bonus card in each game. How generous. If you level up to a 1 hour max effect, and have an optimal play of a game every minute and uncover all the bonus cards, you can possibly get 3000 coins, or the equivalent of 1 free play. Wow how generous, and they consider that booster rare. On top of that if you don’t have room for another rare orb, you get 3000 coins which is more than you can get from the booster itself. The epic card this time is 50% more club points for each tribute found, not a bonus on the total club points earned in the game. That means for winning a tribute game you get a whole extra 60 club points. Again, how generous, and you will be buying extra tribute games if you really want to make use of this measley bonus.

The trial version had a extra card in the deck instead of a split card. It also had remove a single exposed trap card at start of game instead of the clear card. It had freeplay instead of a +3 card in deck (which is really just 2 extra cards as the bonus card doesn’t help remove anything. It also had a remove black card in deck instead of the bonus card in deck. It also granted gold tiki instead of the tribute bonus. Needless to say the current version is not very good in comparison. Perhaps the trial people liked it too much, or perhaps their spending was down during the trial, so it had to change.

The game used to be fun and easy to win. Clubs let you play with others and meet people and be social while playing. Now it is all about greed. daily events consist of almost exclusively scavenger hunts and win new level tasks. I don’t care to be told how and where to play, much less by a bunch of greedy pricks.

The game is full of problems that cause resets, freezes etc. If you are on an older device, this is much more pronounced. And if you aren’t on facebook, there is no way to move to a new larger memory device. Now there is an idea for a new feature that lets you upload everything to the game server for a few days so you can transfer to a new device if you aren’t a facebook user. But of couse they would never bother to create that, as there isn’t any direct money in that.

The original creators of the game liked to donate to charity with money raised here. New owners, sure they donate by selling to the users while advertising the money raised will go to charity, but who gets the charitable donation? So it isn’t really all that charitable, they are writing off the money you give for the donation on the corporate taxes.

Personally, I have bought a new XBox system and have literally thrown my Sony Playstation in the garbage as I don’t want anyone else to have it to spend money with Sony. I have also bought new XBoxes for my nephews so they can get rid of their Playstation. I will never again buy or own another Sony product going forward. I refuse to reward the greed of the people at Sony who bought and ruined a perfectly good game by making the game harder, getting fewer coins during play etc. Heck before Sony came along I never got less coins than the cost of a game back for winning a game. Now winning a game and losing coins is commonplace.

If anyone at Sony actually cares, how about take part in a discussion here and explaining why you made the changes to the game that you have if it is not greed. Also why were the promises made not kept (club champions)? Also how about actually listening to your users.

I have made many loss reports and have many times been asked to record my gameplay so they can figure out what is wrong. First off, shouldn’t they be Beta testing new features before rolling them out to the users, and second given the greed they have shown, I would want to be paid to help them find their problems if I could even try to record my play given the fact that the game is already too large and running the recording app would create more freezes and problems than I already have.


A member of my team just lost their digs and coins four times due to the game freezing. This needs to be fixed.


I so agree with you. I started this game before Sony bought it and I loved it and you’re right you could maintain coins if you won but no longer. My team is getting very discouraged. When they use their algorithms you can’t win a game at all. Thinking of quitting all together. Caroliemiles


Amen, well said! I quit this stupid game a few months back after playing for about 5 years. Haven’t missed it or the aggravation and tension it was causing.


I am tired of the game freezing up when trying to play or closing the game out when switching to the next level. I have been playing this game for few years and it has definitely changed for the worse!!!


I agree game is no longer fun


Yes it has changed for the worst for sure, as well talking about greed, they pop up sales for this or that after every single hand you play, it is really maddening


I also want to complain about when you finish on Thursday the chest are crap. It used to give you several boosters but now it seems to just give you free coins and plays. I guess they did this so you have to use your gems to get more boosters. Which that’s crap too. Please make the chests better.


It is very maddening! It’s causing people to stop playing the game and finding something else to play.


And yet you still read and post to the forum of a game you don’t miss and no longer play? :laughing: yeah ok

Feel better now?
Thats a hella wall of text of compartmentalized whining that wont make a damn bit of difference.
Glad you got it off your chest though, now simply, DON’T PLAY anymore. Best of luck to ya! :yawning_face:

as they should, if you’re no longer happy with something why keep doing it? :thinking:

Ever been unhappy in your job? Did you quit? If not, why not?

I bet you haven’t stayed in a club longer than 2 months, much less be a co leader or create and build a club. If this was a simple single player only game I would have quit long ago. But you obviously can’t understand that.

What is your biggest accomplishment in this game? In life?

Re: Roko Powerups

I have at least half a brain and it’s extraordinarily useful, but maybe one needs the full brain to see that (uncalled for dig, but i couldn’t resist a joke).

In game bonus card is fantastic.

The 50% tribute bonus makes a round of tributes worth 1400 vs 1100 avg and that’s fairly worthwhile during tribute trapper quests.

I think like anything in this game, roko power ups are best used strategically and in conjunction with other aspects of the game vs randomly where they look less useful on their own.

I have no comments on anything else you wrote.

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Twice in a row now the perk chests have yielded exactly ZERO wild cards for the entire week. Tow resets ago, I got two trap torches 3 time boosters (useless unless playing for freds), and a single wave card. The rest was coins, free plays, and freds doublers. Really??? That is a “reward” for spending half a million coins and countless boosters throughout the week?? As others have stated, I play because I care about my team and love my framily. As a leader, it’s really hard to keep people motivated when the only club quest you can seem to win is the play games quest!

I do think the game is relatively generous, & that certain things should be avoided (Scavenger hunts!). We love the dig, and it’s optional so no need to play if you don’t love it.

The game IS TOO LARGE now and it would be great if the game servers could hold the bulk of needed memory instead of inundating our phones’ memory.

The game is still really fun and I like that it’s challenging, but there are many good points there. Most importantly, the game needs to work properly and crashes / loss of materials is UNACCEPTABLE.


I echo your sentiments and would add to your list:

  • They took away Captain Karma’s Match quest where you could win a lot of boosters, wild cards, and coins for $0.99.
  • They removed the Treasure Shrine and replaced it with the Theft Shrine. The Medallion use to hit the outermost slot about 80% of the time when there was a free Medallion there. Now I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve won a wild card since they changed it. I use to spend on average 250k every few days playing the shrine then with all my goodies, I could earn my money back plus about a million coins more. Now, I have about a 10% chance of not losing money so I only play if I have a “free” Medallion.
  • Wild Card in the Totem on the skies levels: Having a wild card as the reward on the Totem pole use to have no effect on the difficulty of the level. Now - if you want to win it, plan to purchase at minimum 3 extra sets of cards. Worth it? No thanks, I’ll pass.
  • They did away with the daily quest to Find 650 suit cards for 10 wild cards or 5 volcanoes. Or you could opt for a lesser reward for fewer of whatever suit you needed. Now we get trash can levels where the most you get is 5 of whatever thing they want you to find and you have to find between 120 and 150 of them for 2 wilds or 1 volcano.
  • Friend center for old accounts vs new accounts. I started a new account and on it, I only get 5k every 4 hours instead of 15k. I wrote to them and they said it’s because newer accounts get more coins elsewhere in the game than older accounts. I wasn’t sure what they were talking about until I played the same level on both accounts (25 each for a good average) and compared them. My winnings on my new account are consistently about 15% higher for the same level. How on earth do they justify this?? And the nightmare coding that must go along with it is mind boggling.

They are extremely greedy. They do not care about their customers at all - new people start playing every day so why should they bother with retention tactics. They asked us on this forum for suggestions for improvement of the game. The result - more scavenger hunts, the theft shrine, lower payouts for daily quests, and increased difficulty of the levels across the board. None of the suggestions were implemented at all no matter how many times people suggested it. Things like a checkmark in the club list of those that had maxed the quest; opening up the club quests the last 15 or 30 minutes so that others who had already maxed could finish it out; a way to chat a specific person in the game; a way to block people who are troublemakers and change their username to rejoin; a club pot where those with excess goodies could share with those in the club who needed them; and the list goes on.

I use to enjoy the game but not as much now. The only reason I’m still here is for my framily.


Yes, our anonymous troll does not understand people’s attachment to their teams. Especially team leaders. I promoted everyone in the club this week to co leader so they will get the co leader xmas bonus chest next week. I do that every year.

I too have complained about the shrine change that was made over a year and a half ago. I know many people “bought” the shrine because for 2500 coins the worst you could get was 2000 coins, or a good chance of getting boosters or wild cards. Even a free play is worth 3000, so it was worth it. If they didnt like people abusing what was a well used feature, why not just stop people from buying the shrine and only earned medallions could be used there. Nobody buys the shrine anymore and our medallions are a lot less valuable.

The game keeps dropping wifi for me lately. I know they keep trying to blame my modem, but it is fine when browsing and not playing the game. Also, I don’t need to reset the device to get wifi again, just close and restart the game and the wifi is back. That means they aren’t controlling the wifi pipe properly. They do love to blame the user for all their bugs.

It used to be a fun game because it was relatively easy to win games and just relax and play. Not so much anymore. The game is slow, locks up, resets or drops wifi continuously and just isn’t much fun anymore. Sony truly ruined what was once a great game.

Yesterday was terrible. I saw the team scores and wow was it down from the usual first day of the new perk week yesterday. Did others notice the same thing on their team competition board? And why do we get more shrine winners on the weekend when there are less people getting medallions than later in the week when more people have earned the perk to get a medallion each day?


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I agree! It freezes up constantly and takes my coins and progress made on quests. Then you report it to them send screen shots showing 28,000+ coins that go missing after it froze and they say sorry, we are sending you 10,000 to your inbox AND NEVER EVEN DO THAT! Meanwhile I’ve been robbed or more coins over the last few days. At least 80,000 or more now not including the Free plays, wilds and gems that get zapped as well. I’m livid.