What's your strategy? [Sample Post - but feel free to reply]

Interested in hearing if anyone has a particular method of playing that serves them well.

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I tend to play Tributes. They give more points. Towards the end of the week, I play all lower levels to get my red stars.


I play tributes and refresh them at 35 minutes for 1,000 coins instead of 3.000. I save my Red Star Boosters until I have a Red Star Quest and only if I can play a good portion of the 3 hours you have it for. If I have played 10 games and lost the majority of them I cut my losses and quit for several hours. I try again and if the cards are good I continue to play but if not, stop and save the coins.


SNAP my strategy totally. Although i find it a struggle to be patient for the price drop and spend more coins than i should on refreshjng the tributes. I love the extra club points the tribute games give. Without those i would struggle to meet weekly target around work and home responsibilities


Much of the same, but I always compete for red stars, starting every Sunday night with level 1. It’s very difficult to catch up if you don’t keep up.

I play all most of my free plays on Volcano Beach 59. I usually win 9/10 and builds coins.

Make sure you have at least 20 friends on Facebook to get your 60k a day, watch the videos for $$$, sage wilds and volcano cards for tributes to maximize points (although tough to restrain sometimes), check in to get $ throughout the day as you can & be on at least a top 100 team to get all perks and benefits! Good luck!


Volcano beach 59? Volcano beach only goes up to 54. I’m confused.

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Sorry, it’s the island after Volcano Beach


Ok. No problem. Thanks

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I think It’s TidecPool