What to do when all quests aredone?

I have finished all quests including Club Quest. If I continue to play what benefit is it?
My personal coins are increasing or decreasing mostly as I lose games. I am getting some red stars. What else? Or should I just rest?

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I just play because I am earning club points for my team :blush::blush::blush:

I tend to finish my quest quickly and max the club quest in a few hours so I just play certain levels to get points unless i set a booster for stars


Me too, my club points are what it’s all about for me. I have personal goals I try to meet everyday. :slight_smile:


Thanks all. Cindy Lu this is a ? for you since you have more than one club. I decided to open a second club and it is going good. Problem us with FB. I used two different devices and it wouldn’t let me use same name so, one is under maiden name. I also had to use different email. I had an old one that I updated. Big problem is my cell phone number. FB won’ t let me use same number for both accounts. Is there a way around this problem? I would really like to have both clubs with all same info, just different club names. It is interfering with my messaging I think. I can open messenger and read and send messages but, I cannot do that with messages. I have some but can’t open them. Any ideas? I hate to close club but, I am almost to that.

Hi Carolyn, welcome to being addicted and cRaZy! LOL.

As far a the phone number goes, you can skip that part. I think i used my home phone number for one, but i don’t have 4 phone numbers, so i just said oh well, and FB eventually stopped bugging me for it.

That’s great that you have 2 devices, that’s the easiest way, especially if you don’t need to FB or Messenger on 2nd device. In that case, you just stay logged in to FB and Messenger as you on your phone (or main device whatever it is), and your other you on your other device.

If you do need to switch from one account to the other on either device, it’s a little more complicated, but FB and Messenger makes it easy.

In Messenger, if you tap on your profile pic in the top right corner, then scroll down to Switch Account, you’ll then be asked for the login info of the second account. I had my phone and Messenger save that info so i don’t have to reenter it every time. You’ll then be logged in as your other you, and should be able to read and reply to messages.

If you ever want to play on your other account on your main device, you can do that too, by logging into your other account on FB. To do that, in the FB app, tap on the menu bar in the top right corner, then scroll all the way down to Log out. Then log in as your other you. When you go into the TriPeaks game, you’ll need to log out of your main account, by tapping on the Menu icon, top left corner, then Log out. After the game logs out and reloads, you can then log back in. It is important that you are logged in to your other account in FB before you log back in in TriPeaks. In most cases, Tripeaks will automatically log you in to your other account based on whatever FB account you are logged into. However, I’ve noticed on a couple of my devices, I’ve had to reenter my FB login info on TriPeaks lately. I’ve utilized autofill and save info on my phone to make that easier. My other 2 devices don’t ask, so hopefully it’ll be automatic for you too.

Let me know how it goes, and/or if you need more info or help :slight_smile:

Hi Cindy Lu, New club did not go well. Could not get new players, just guests mostly. Old club did not want R&R even when struggling.decided to give up new club with all of the headaches. I gave24hre notice. Only one person read it and moved to old club. The remaining are still playing. They never read! My question is are there things to do to close club. I just lose all of my coins, right. I have over 4 million. Thank you for all of your help.

@Carolyn_Morris, sent you a PM :slight_smile:

What i do…i go for volcano perks: when there are 5 back(in the club)
Instead of letting me carry by clicking on “find” -I go back to “islands” at start(tiki island) then scroll forward looking for jumping tributes and complete the 1st found. Why? Because:1-games costs less at start. 2-tribute perks are made for us to do medium/good performances and pays great.But YOU decide witch tribute you do 1st.I got caught in this trick many times…Try this and feel free to give feedback, i’d like to know if it worked for you. I Iearned this from myself, not so long ago…:blush::four_leaf_clover:

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