What’s the highest score you can reach on a single game?

What’s the highest possible one game score?

I had a member just get a 772 club points. Is 1000 the best possible? She posted over 500-600 over 3-4x. It’s her first over 700, just wondering the highest possible, thx!

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I’ve gotten 10 000 a couple of times! And over 400 club points!

One of my members just got a 772! I was wondering what’s the highest possible?

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772 clubs points, idk how many coins come w/that? I’m wondering if like 1000 is the highest possible?

Hi @Bub_Cook, the points earned on a earned on a hand are 25 points for every 1,000 coins won in that hand. Or, .025 points per coin.

If that hand was a tribute hand, and your member received 120 bonus points for winning the hand, then 652 points were earned from the winnings.

To earn 652 points on the hand, means they won 26,080 coins on that hand.

I won 11,000 one time and was soooo happy! But I’m not very far in levels. Congrats to your member!