What Problems are you having with S.T.P?

Add problem and how you would solve them. Leave advice.


Typically, the problems is the proper seeds don’t come thru.
My Solution- always world-class
I submit a ticket to the helpdesk by clicking on Menu, Help, contact us…The Helpdesk always comes thru


Game lag freezing. 8 times out of 10 it’s my internet connection shutting off wifi than turning it on usually corrects it, step 2 restart my router if it is not.
My device samsung android A8. I play through a game application than open Tripeakes, I had a incident The game would not open constantly loading, it turned out my Game launcher was the culprit! I did not have it on auto update, once updated it ran smoothly.

Excellent topic starter!!


I have been playing since November 2018 and my games have never froze until it did twice today. But I always submit a ticket to the helpdesk to reclaim the $$ per game that I lose.

Back to Facebook coin exchange. All seemed to be good with not so many issues than I hit a day where I had to ask every person for coins and I was not receiving them. I submitted a ticket and before reset I managed to max on my gifts. I did converse back and forth with Armani. Something he mentioned which may not be possible on all devices, I know that I can kn mine is to record, not screen shot when you collect coins, they are working to figure the balance issue out and submitting tickets with video will help support. Here is a screenshot of me email