What is with the individual quest change tonight

Instead of getting the usual quests for 1 hour and various tasks, I got 3 hours to do a task half of what it usually is (with a smaller reward also to boot). Why are the programmers making these stupid changes to obviously nickle and dime the players to death and just piss us off. Seems like they really want everyone to quit the game.

Also a week ago couldn’t log into the game for a while, every time I tried, it said it couldn’t connect. I use a kindle, and I was able to use the browser just fine, so I had internet access. It wasn’t my wifi network etc. I made sure each time I restarted the game that the wifi internet connection was good. After a good 45 minutes I finally got back in the game. Sick of being told it is my network, when obviously it is their server. They must be trying to synchronize the game with their server and when it gets out of whack, it loses the connection, even though nothing is wrong with the users device or network connection. It is the game. Wish they would fix all the game bugs they have caused in the past year instead of changing the game and adding features that people hate and add more bugs.

So what is with the individual quest change tonight???

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3 hours vs 1 hour to complete a quest… errr whats the problem? As for the smaller tasks with smaller rewards, thats probably cause you didn’t finish the last quest in time so you get an easier one with… errr more time… i see no problem here.

Seems to me you are getting the opposite of nickel and dime since your getting more time to finish rather than less time (more acurate meaning of nickel and dime).