What is up with the lame special perk chest?!

Team is in platinum league. Special perk chest drops, we need 175,000 club points for TWO volcano cards and TWO bomb diffusers. Please tell me this is some sort of sick joke?!?!


“Supposedly” they are “catering” to the league we’re in, but I doubt that, since those in gold league have that same perk.

I’ve just never seen one this terrible……ever!
Sometimes we play hard to get the much more difficult perks, but this one we get without trying. Makes me wonder if we will ever have to work for one again. If they are going to be this bad it’s not worth playing to get it.
I’ve been playing this game for about 3 years and as time goes on I play less and less because of all the lousy changes.


On a postivie note, we get to take breaks more frequently and might also just collect coins for the heck of it. They probably figure since they are giving some boosters free in the “purchase” area, they would cut back on rewards elsewhere. I wonder what the special perk is for diamond and legend.

Actually the “gift” in the purchase area is a replacement for watching a video every day in the rewards tab that is no longer there. And watching videos for coins has gone down significantly. Now you only get to watch maybe 5 total when before it was more like 10 or 15. I could get the $5,000 3 or more times a day. Now you pretty much don’t get anything.

I still watch the ads for coins and a wild and watch for tributes/medallion depending on our Quest and also have the gift in the purchase area. Maybe I won’t update my game yet, I updated a couple of weeks ago though.

Diamond League Special Perk is 450,000 CPs for 5 volcanoes & 5 bombs

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Agreed! Too much work for such a low payout

Is that a normal perk in that league or low payout for what you have to accumulate?

Its normal for Diamond league

It is a sick joke :clown_face:

Guess they are getting greedy. Inflation is affecting our special perks less for more. They have taken the fun out of the game. Like games were u get 4 and 5 of the same card to remove or u will start a game with 20 cards and u draw half without taking a card down. This is there way to get u to use more coins and boosters. Which makes a lot of players spend real money to play the game.

I fell the same way about the perks being Unachievable

I totally agree!!! they aren’t even pretending to make it worth our while!

We had the same. With needing so many points for min payback?! What crock!

Exactly! It’s ridiculous I will have 2 queens showing and draw 3 more queens and two 2’s Or you get all the way down to last card and unless you use a wild card to grab it, forces you to biy cards. I have drawn cards up to four times or 12 k before I quit just to see how long it would take, then finally give in and use the wild. Or, you grab another 5 cards and first one hits. It’s ridiculous!

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Totally agree, this game is starting to be a rip off. Costing more and more getting less and less.