What is the chat channel

Can anyone tell me what the chat channel is.
I have seen people post about it. And all I know about is the message board or the place where you leave brief sentence. Like if you say good morning or what not. But I never heard of a chat channel. Any ideas about it

I’ve only ever heard it referred to as chat. It is the tab on the right of the screen where you can post short messages on any topic. Our club has some pretty involved conversations. We use it to say hello, tell when we’ve maxed but also to talk about what’s happening in our lives, work family, etc. A way to get to know everyone.


Thanks for replying. I thought maybe there was another way to connect. I do use that. But thought I might be missing something else…
Much appreciated…

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There is a place to create a private chat channel but there are no instructions on how to set it up. Need help please.

Never heard of that. Just the club chat (tab on the right)