What is going on? #sadtimes

I have very much enjoyed the game for quite a few months, I love my team, i have encouraged many on here to be patient vI spend a bit each week,though I know it is like burning money…but i figure it is fun and relaxing…but something is awry. I don’t expect to win every hand, or even every other hanf. I know some are pretty much impossible without boosters, etc. I am not that dumb to think otherwise. My app and phone software are current. Even the lowest levels are rigged to insane coin gobbling levels. I was so peeved today I used a lot of counselor bc I was very close to deleting the whole thing. I know from others I am not alone. Help has become useless. We all post stuff, I am sure someone from GSN at least gets a summary, but we never get answers. I know sometimes rolling out new features may screw things up, hell I am sure they are working on newer products. But I don’t appreciate being toyed with. The club quests pay so low that I can tell my team today was like “I am not busting my ass for three games” Ads are petering out. Lastly, here in the Southern part of the US. " If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it "i.e. leave things be as you add on, don’t screw long time players over, not new ones. Build a core of enthusiastic, regular players. My hunch is that the demo for this game are older ppl like myself who. WILL stick with a game vs seeking out tell next shiny object.


I’m so sorry you are frustrated! These forums are taken care of regular player like you, basically players helping players. Indeed be persistent! Keep messaging the help center, do not give up! I’ve also been in the slumps like you, don’t give up until you get the answers!


@Tracy can you delete this. I am still p.o,'d .but I want this post gone. Ty. EDIT don’t delete please.

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I understand what you are saying. I joined a little over a month ago and am already pretty upset with how fast I can run thru 100k coins in less than a day all bc I keep losing no matter what.

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It used to not be like this, hence my irritation. It coincided with updates and help dropping the ball