What do you lose if join new club?

I was wondering besides points what else if anything do you lose when you join a new club? Like gems, red stars, etc?
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@PhillyGirl265, Nothing! & don’t worry about the points you lose, they don’t count for anything except your own personal status within the club you are leaving. Everything else you have, coins, boosters, red stars, progress on levels, etc will all still be the same no matter what club you are in. If you are joining a stronger team, you’ll get at least as many perks at the end of the week.

The one exception is, if you are leaving a top 500 club, the points you earned will be subtracted from the team total, & will affect their rank & the number of gems they earn. In that case only, it’s better not to leave until the week is over.


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If you wait until the end of the week, you lose no points though, correct? I assume you mean the club points and not your own points/coins?, For example, if I 20,000 I take them with me?


@Edith_Beach, if you have 20,000 coins, you take them with you.

If you earned 20,000 points so far this, that you contributed to your club total, those don’t go with you. The club doesn’t get to keep them either. (Note, even though Tripeaks subtracts the points of the leaving member from the club total, it does not get subtracted from perk progress. If that club was 85% done with the perk, & you leave, they will still be 85% done with that perk)

Not keeping your points might be to keep leaders from inviting someone just for the points they have already earned so far.

As a leader, when I invite new members, I look at their point potential to see if they would be a good fit for our club, & I know they come to our club with 0 points, and will start contributing to our club.

As an invitee, don’t worry about starting over at 0 points mid-week. Whether you earn 5 points or 100,000 points before the week ends, you’ll get equal share of the completed perks for that week. :smiley:


@Edith_Beach, I just reread your question, and realize I may not have answered your question, sorry if I didn’t. Let me try again. :slight_smile:

If you wait till the end of the week, Tripeaks resets everyone’s points to 0 to start the new week, so you’ll have nothing to be subtracted from the club total when you leave.


You did answer my question. Thank you :slight_smile:

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That’s a great point! Thank you for some really helpful information. I can’t wait.

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Not true CindyLu. If you bail on a club before the end of the week the club loses the points you contributed. We just had that happen this week and we had to scramble to make up for the 21k point loss. Plus this girl is never coming back to our club. Trust me, never getting let back in.

Hi @Noreen, I did mention that above:

It drives me cRaZy that Tripeaks does that now, but at least it doesn’t affect your perk progress.

Example: If you are doing perks in order, and you’re working on perk 3, it’ll be completed at 55,000 points. Say your club has 50,000 points, so you only need 5,000 more points to complete the perk. If a player that has earned 2,000 points leaves, that 2,000 points is subtracted, leaving your club with 48,000 points. But you still only need 5,000 points to complete the perk. It will be completed at 53,000 points. So perk progress is not affected.

However, now that your club’s points are lower, the rank is affected. If the person who left earned a majority of your club points before leaving, it could make a noticeable difference in rank.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, in the case of a person leaving a club), a club’s rank doesn’t get them anything special, unless they are one of to clubs. At the time I posted that above, only the top 500 clubs won gems. This week it’s the top 750 clubs.

So if a member leaves, and your club isn’t a top club, your club really doesn’t lose anything. But that’s why I mentioned that leaving a top club is the exception.

In our 4 clubs, only 1 wins gems, so I ask people not to leave until the end of the week.

As a side note though, if a member leaves, the points that were subtracted, are added back in if they come back to the club before the week ends.

I understand your frustration though Noreen. 21,000 points is a lot of points. Hopefully it didn’t affect your gem winnings!

Thanks for the breakdown. I’ve gotten a couple invites and wasn’t sure about the ramifications of leaving; now I know!


I look at same thing

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