What are your favorite levels?

What are some of your favorite levels for getting top club points or have the best odds for wining to accumulate coins?? I’d love to hear what everyone says!


I want to get the same advice. Lol. I do play quests that ask for say “59 queens and get 8,000 point” on level 1 &2.


I find the veterans favs are not mine. They have gone throughout the whole game and are fast and able to predict a good run.
Get a notepad and if a hand is good for you write it down. I am now finding as I go back through that every island has at least a couple hands that don’t have bad traps.
Happy playing!


The values of my favorites have changed so I cannot give you level numbers, but I do look for levels that have both traps and bombs, like expert level 110. I used to hate these, but now realize I often get very large runs because they play off each other. If you find a level with both traps and bombs, play it a few times to see what the payout might be. You might just find a winner.