Westworld needs a team mate

Westworld needs a competitive team mate. We are a Diamond League club in search of a team mate who can get at least 30k a week.Must get 12000 by Sunday. 2000 before idle. We are friendly and like to have fun. If you are looking for a club please let us know.

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Westworld is in need of a couple dedicated players. If you like to have fun, Can get 30k a week. This is the team for you. We were a Diamond team but right now a Platinum team because we are down a wonderful team mate.

I’m a competitive player. 2nd in my club ( tiny mouse) I always clear tributes first…go for perks try to win quests. I’m looking for a club to appreciate what I give…end of last week I was in top 3…

Jackie WE would love to have you on our team. Please put in a request

I’d love to join you but there are 3 westworld clubs…who is the leader of this one…